Allgemeine Unschlüssigkeit, was denn hier nun zum Besten gegeben werden soll verhindert bis jetzt die Aktivierung des Players ... obwohl eigentlich alles vorhanden wäre.

Texte & Musik

Mungluz Gurgur

Vers 1
The Master - he is everywhere
In thoughts, in deeds, in feelings
Feel his breath in your dreams
And awake with illumination or insanity

Mungluz Gurgur
Master of all
Mungluz Gurgur
Take my (fucked) soul

Vers 2
The few that have seen him
Have all gone insane
Except me!
Because I am his friend

Mungluz Gurgur ...

Insanity part 1
The breath of the mighty Mungluz I feel
The voice of the mighty Mungluz I hear

Vers 3
Satan shivers in his hell
He fears the day He comes
To kick him off his fucking throne
and damn him to the slums

Mungluz Gurgur ...

Insanity part 2
The breath of the mighty Mungluz I feel
The face of the mighty Mungluz I see
The voice of the mighty Mungluz I hear
While others suffer I drink holy fine beer


Vers 4
Become Mungluzian now
And live in wealth forever
Countless slaves to your feet will bow
The ones who were not clever

Mungluz Gurgur ...

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Montezuma's Revenge

One day came conquistadores
And they came to slay and kill
In the name of their fucking god
Who obviously needed gold
They spread extremly cruel disaster
And it seemed they would succeed ...

Vers 1
But Montezuma's watching
His people so oppressed
No more he could be idle
And a mighty weapon he possessed
Montezuma was a good god
Never wanted to release
His most horrible weapon
So cruel you better don't think of ...

Vers 2
So he spread his curse
Diarrhoea descends
Onto the invaders
Slowly to decease
In their own manure
With their assholes on fire ...

Evacuation of the bowels
Will be your business 'til you die
Even the pigs vomitted when they saw
Glorious warriors in manured gold

Doom part
Was a mortal god
He died stoned
In a whorehouse and forgot
to stop his everlasting curse

Vers 3
... and until nowadays
Stupid tourists run
Praying for a place
To have an unpleasant rest
But relief won't last long
'cause a few minutes later
They will run, pray, run again forever

Evacuation ...

Pray to your god!
Save your pants!
Run, search, seek and despair!
Into the Everflow

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Be my dinner

Vers 1
Shall I eat you raw
Or fry you alive
The only thing I know
You'll end behind my throat


Vers 2
To fry your screaming body
Is my only wish
Barbecue-sauce on
Your shivering skin



Vers 3
Shall I shit you out
Or vomit on the floor
The only thing I know
You'll end behind the toilet-door


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Milkdrinking Bussibear

He came to me one morning
One fucking Monday morning ...

Vers 1
As my eyes saw him
Entering my store
My blood started rushing
"There's trouble ahead"

Vers 2
His silly appearance
My eyes became red
I'm known for my tolerance
But I wished he was dead

Ref 1
His look hurts my eyes!
It's better he dies!

Vers 3
"I would like some milk"
He said with stupid voice
He saw me boil with rage
I saw his rising fear

"Love me" said the bussibear
"I am the spring!"
So I jumped on him
And fucked his ass

If you want blood ...
You got it!

Ref 2
Fuck you, Bussibear!
You are a fucking asshole!

Vers 4
"All I want is milk!"
"Please stop!"
Hearing the word "milk"
I use to crack up

I took my gun
Then his brain splattered
all over the room

Ref 3

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Bussibear II

Vers 1
Suddenly a second bear
Came in and asked for his brother
The answer came - a piece of brain
Fell off the ceiling into his face
Bloody flesh on his nose
He looked around - horrorbound

Ref 1
When he realized what he has seen
His face went green

Vers 2
Blood, brain, flesh splashed apart
From his ass escaped a fart
Swallowed own puke down his throat
As he beheld the headless corpse

Ref 2
"Shock - Need Milk!" he cried
As I grabbed his throat raw tight ...

Vers 3
Milkbottle into his ass
Followed by my kick
The bear must die, I can't hold back
So I locked him into the absinth-cask

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Bussibear III - Brummhild's Revenge

Vers 1
But suddenly the earth was shaking
Beer bottles fell off the shelves
And as my eyes saw her approaching my store
I knew there was real trouble ahead

Vers 2
Brummhild came with Panzerfaust
She'd take revenge until exhaust
A monster of fur and steel
Dressed in cartridge-apron
Prepared for meal

Vers 3
"Where are my sweet sweethearts?"
Windows burst
By the tone of her voice
And I was attacked by cramps
And when she beheld
Of what had happened
Her thirst for massacre
Surpassed my thirst for beer

Ref 1
Screaming for Vengeance

Vers 4
The Panzerfaust ejected -
The first bullet -
Happened to hit
The barrel with the bear in it

Ref 2
Terrific explosion

Vers 5
Alcohol and fried bear
Steamy blown into the air
Amidst the chaos of hell
A balrog-fury in flames
Reeling, shooting, screaming insane
Until the fire caused her end

A secret tunnel saved my life
But all my friends beware
Before you crack a bussibear
Take a look at his grandmother ...

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Fatty McDirty

I look for ... something to eat

Vers 1
It must be some fine meat
I do everything against my hunger

Vers 2
You will never cross my way
You should better hold on and pray

I show no pity, I show no shame

I take my knife, it will be done
and your funeral, YES it will come
I rip your flesh from your bones
and you will cry in different tones - YAAH

I show no pity, I show no shame

Fighting against me is like a war
because my soul is black as tar

I show no pity, I show no shame
Fatty McDirty is my name

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For those who saw

Our toxic pollution is not enough
To fight our ancient foe
So don't you forget the heroes who risk
their lives for us in daily war

The forest is prepared to attack
so honour the men who strike back

No rest for the chainsaw
The chainsaw never rests

Without the ones who saw your life means despair
And your streets are cracked by roots
Your houses overgrown with creepers
On your car park tree and beast

If you think you've found a place to rest
Even out of the toilet it grows
into your ass while you're trying to shit

No rest for the chainsaw
The chainsaw never rests

Bridge or whatever
You go insane by seeing green
And you will pray ... pray for decay

Pray for those who saw!
Fight for those who saw!
Die with those who saw!
For those who saw!

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Theophrastus Bombastus

Vers 1
I'd like
to tell you
the secret
but I can't
think of any words

Vers 2
- you might know -
you just can't
- the speech you need!

Journey - find the words I've lost
Searching - everywhere, left and right
Found - nothing but dust
Look - left & right, down under
Found - papers under the bed
Know - fuckin' handkerchiefs
Looking - the kitchen was a bad idea
Found! - sandwich which bites meeeeeee

Vers 3
Tell me
where is it
I'm searching
I have lost my words

Vers 4
and cursing
can't find them
I am tearing all my work apart

the dose controls the poison

Vers 5
Trust me
I'll find it
don't trust me
my brain is
just a big black hole

Vers 6
Call him
He's the one who tried

Vers 7
the drug or
the poison
in quantums
that would save your life

Vers 8
Too bad
he could not
what he found
we will never know ...


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If these rocks could talk
If these rocks could sing a song
You would not believe

If this soil could remember
If this soil could tell
Your puking would cause your end

These rocks cannot sing
This soil can't remember
But I can ...

In a time before chronology
A world before satan's first breath
They were there!

Just some 12packs-lengths away
From the altars of world's doom
They witnessed celebrations
Of things you should not know

Always used in dignity, treated like kings
We bowed before them, thanking for relief
Hardened by our excrements
They could pass the times

Soil of shit

We had to leave and left them behind
And countless eons later
Dilletants called "Druids" came
Hardly qualified for anything but seeing


These rocks adjusted to positions of stars
Like MUNGLUZIANS use to build their toilets
But also the "Druids" passed away
And manking's stupidity perfectioned


"Stonehenge" now they call the rocks
that used to be our shithouse!

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Assholy Saints

The night was fucking hard and long
Too much of women, beer and song
Today I preach 'bout abstinence
Bleed with pleasure for my demands

I want to let you know
It's hard to be a saint
The higher kind of art to
Make slaves worshipping the master
And if my fat breakfast
Returns out of my mouth
Don't you dare to laugh
Or you will be fired!

I desire countless fucks
But I'm too weak to be a pornstar
That's why I must be businessman,
politician, priest or just musician

(Hocus Pocus Coitus)

My makeup never shows through
It's hard to smile at you
Pitiful, submissive serve-corpse
My doomsword's hanging over you



My nights are fucking hard and long
But I see something's going wrong
No matter how hard you try
It's not enough, so you must die!

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